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A Fight For Justice

A relentless two-year battle for justice paid off.

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The Beginning

As a founder of BKM watch, I have read, watched and listened to the recent ongoing publicity regarding BKM.


I now believe it is time that I added my voice, concerns, worry, feelings and extreme disappointment regarding a number of aspects. I helped to formulate and get BKM off the ground after my 2 sons were brutally attacked and robbed at gunpoint in our quiet Meadowridge home at 08h30 in the morning some years ago. Yes, I too, had then, the mind set so clearly displayed by many of our fellow residents. Leave me alone, nothing will happen to me or my family, why should I get involved in the crime watch, let the others do it, I do not have the time anyway, I pay taxes to the state and so the police must protect us. Well, how wrong I was. After being told that the robbers would probably get bail, I decided to do something. In a nutshell the rest is history – even though the firearm used was never found, 2 of the robbers were sentenced to 61 and 50 years respectively.