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A Fight For Justice

A relentless two-year battle for justice paid off.

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BEE Level 4 Contributor DTI ref BEE7511369



Co-Founder at BKM Neighbourhood Watch

Past Owner at Manuka Cafe and Wine Boutique

Past National Operations and Training at Spur Steak Ranches


Over the past few years I have devoted a lot of time to our local neighbourhood watch. In the process I have experienced first hand, and learnt an incredible amount in the field of safety and security - from home, business, community to crime all the way to the justice system.


Whilst no longer neither on the BKM ECXO nor a Trustee, I remain committed to assisting where possible with crime related issues, not only in the BKM area, but in the whole Constantia Valley and beyond. A large portion of my volunteer time is taken up with the overseeing of the LPR (licence plate recognition) project, reviewing camera footage and the provision of evidential data and footage to SAPS to assist in their investigations.


I am available to conduct safety and motivational talks/workshops to corporate, community schemes and other goups. I specialize in the start up of neighbourhood watches and community safety schemes, as well as community driven LPR camera projects.



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